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There are many forms of blogging, writing blog posts, video blogging, and then there’s podcasting. Podcasting varies too, there’s video podcasting and audio podcasting.

During BlogHer ’12 I attended a session on Podcasting and I must say I learned quite a lot, but I don’t think I’m ready to take my blog into podcasts just yet, maybe someday. 

I know a few of you that like or would like podcasting, so I figured these notes on the basics of podcasting will be helpful. Enjoy!

Ananda Leeke | | @AnandaLeeke

  • Podcasting represents a type of digital media that allows you to share content.
  • Podcasting is used to generate conversation.
  • You build and create a community with podcasting.
  • Document research.
  • We have social change as podcasting.
  • I started blogging in 2005, because my book writers suggested that, in order to break through writer’s block.
  • In February 2008 I was featured as Author of the Month.
  • I wanted to have a way of bringing community.
  • Cinch Cast – – get a free account (run by the people at Blogtalkradio)
  • Go to women’s conference and interview people on the spot.
  • You may start off with one idea, you may have 50, try them out and see what works.

The Benefits of Podcasting:

  • You can bring your blog to life with an audio component.
  • I’m on a budget, it is mainly free, cost effective.
  • Podcasting has helped me develop my skills as a speaker.
  • You can be in your PJs.

Podcasting Tips:

  • Take time to answer the why, the what, the how, the who and the when.
  • Why do you want to podcast
  • What themes, episode themes
  • How will you host your podcast, garageband,, blogtalkradio.
  • Who is your audience, age, gender, etc…
  • When will you launch your podcast and how long will it air.
  • Create a name for your podcast that supports your brand.
  • Think about if you need a digital producer. Think about if you need help.
  • Spend time making sure that your podcast site looks visually stimulating.
  • Spell correctly.
  • Before you get ready to launch, PRACTICE.

Deborah Shane | | @deborahshane

  • I have taken the podcast and elevated into a radio show.
  • It is very important that you allow your personality to emerge.
  • You do not need to have a radio background for podcasting, all you need to know is how to have a conversation.
  • I launched my radio show in the Fall of 2008.
  • Wrote a book called Career Transition.
  • I wanted to establish myself in the career world.
  • We now live in a serve world the more you serve people good information, solid information the more you are helping them.
  • It is much more interesting to have guests on the show.
  • Blogtalkradio/deborahshane – that will bring up my show page.I have been featured over 40 times. I’ve had over 345 guests on my show.

Benefits of Podcasting:

  • Internet radio and podcasting is only increasing.
  • – go to that site and look at all the fantastic data on media.
  • Internet radio reaches over 42% users
  • 20% users visit a company website.
  • It was an opportunity to build my brand, build a community and build my reach.
  • When you keyword your show, people are going to find you.
  • Radio is true iconic media. Tt is theater of the mind.
  • Once you record your show is archive, it is really convenient.
  • Podcasting is an unbelievable compliment to your blog.
  • I have branded my show big time. When you brand your show, a well branded show will stand out.
  • A lot of podcast shows are bad. Do it right the first time.


  • The approach that you take with your podcast, you dont want it to sound like a radio show, news station. You want it to sound like an engaging interactive conversation with people.
  • Really important that you decide on your core contents. What do you want to talk about.
  • Build layers of content that you can talk about that complement your core content.
  • Decide on your core content and build your layer around it
  • Be consistent with the process of building it.
  • Be committed. Build your audience, your community, your pageviews and downloads.
  • Integrate your podcasts or radio show into all of your marketing activities.
  • Have fun, be authentic.


  • Have an online identity. You want your show, your blog to have an online identity.
  • You want to work on your audience engagement, consistency, integrate your twitter, facebook into your podcast.
  • Intergrate your marketing and connect the dots, because that builds you reach your impact.

Up your game all the time

  • It is your personal branding that is going to establish your place in this place.
  • Personal Branding: The presentation of yourself visually.
  • How you make people feel visually.
  • Look like a million bucks, not only online but in person.
  • Invest in your branding, it will make you stand out big time.
  • Secure guests who are master marketers themselves.
  • I want guests that are active.
  • Invite guests that have energy, and a blog.

Jasmin Singer | | @ourhenhouse

  • Our Hen House is our main leg of podcasting.
  • Our tag line is “A Place to find our way to change the world for animals”
  • Every podcast should have an Intro.
  • The next section should be the “rambling.”

Benefits of Podcasting:

  • My background as a trained actor, helped me with my podcast.
  • You don’t have to be an extrovert.
  • As a runner I’ve been looking for a runner podcast.
  • There is a niche for everything.
  • We have a daily blog, it should be really tied into.
  • We want to arm our listeners with the community.

An important benefit of podcasting is to provide community.

  • Give the people the resources that they need.


  • Consistency – everyday
  • Read about it. Podcasting books.
  • Garageband is easy. Royalty free music.
  • Consider a cohost.
  • Expand your listenership.
  • Engage your social tools as much as possible.
  • Listen to other podcasts.
  • The amount of time it takes, when I first started it took me about 40 hours to produce an episode, but now it takes me 10 minutes. 
  • This is time commitment.
  • Just do it and don’t overthink it.


Q. Remote podcasting. How do you remote podcast?

A. How many people have a telephone? that’s all you need. If you have a landline. All you need is a telephone and a headset. Skype, blogtalkradio,

Q. Do any of you use iTunes? How does it work?

A. It automatically goes from BlogTalkRadio to iTunes. BluBrry  automatically pulls it off.

Q. Are you making money from the podcasting?

A. It is an extension of the blogging, but it is a content marketing strategy and a business. For Our Hen House it is non-profit, donations are accepted.
There are ways to monetize the podcast big time, but you have to build your audience, your reach.

Q. How to turn an MP3 file into a podcast? What’s my next step?

A. You can drag it into garageband. You can share it from there. | Podcasting for dummies.

Q. When you have the music playing in the back, (background music, and sound effects), how is that made?

A. via Garageband for Mac.

Q. Explain, how you make your podcast work? The time phrase. How do you know what’s effective?

A. You can do as long or short as you want. Downloads, segments.

Q. Do you have any books that you would recommend? When you are bringing an expert do you send them questions in advanced?

A. Go to so much great information on there. As far as guests, you are going to have to do it yourself. Look at your community, pick a topic and let it rip.

Take away:


Just go out there and do it. We all have talents to provide, listen to yourself. Don’t over think it. Just start it.


This platform has been one of the most effective platforms, it opened doors. Use it as a door opener, it is an opportunity for you to show your depth.


Have fun use your voice, tweet me your cinch cast. If you do something at the conference I’ll RT you. You don’t have to be a professional.

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    1. kmp22 Post author

      You are very welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your Podcasting panel was really informational.

  2. Elizabeth Newlin

    Podcasting is fun, but so different from blogging! I've done it a few times, but I don't know if I could do it in place of blogging. :D

    It was nice to meet you at BlogHer this weekend! I look forward to keeping up with your posts!

    1. kmp22 Post author

      So true. I\’ve never done podcasting before. It seems like it takes a lot more time and preparation that regular blogging.
      Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth, it was great meeting you as well. :)